Books About Missionaries to Korea

Awakening the Hermit Kingdom: Pioneer American Women Missionaries in Korea

by Katherine H. Lee Ahn (Author), Samuel Hugh Moffett (Foreword)


The Vanguard: A Tale of Korea (Pioneers of the Korean Christianity) (Missionary Series in Korean Christianity Book 2)

by James S. Gale (Author), Kim Jae-hyun (Editor), Yang Sung-hyun (Editor), Kim Myung-jun (Editor)


The Vanguard is a true story written by the Canadian missionary James Scarth Gale. He was able to see more deeply into Joseon society than any other missionary of his time.
With Samuel Moffett(Willis), the father of missions in Pyeongyang and the northwest region, and Ko Chan-ik, the first elder of Seoul Yeondong Church (Mr.Ko), as the main characters, Gale realistically portrayed the actual mission work of the missionaries of his time and the early stages of the Korean Protestant Church. The missionaries’ deep love for evangelization and the Korean people shows us the Korean Church’s fundamental attitude toward mission and faith as it rises as a leader of world missions.